eBay Listing Automation

If you want to be satisfied as an eBay seller, you need to find a method for automating your eBay auction business. This is the best way to assure that you are providing quality and timely service to your buyer prospects and keeping your quality ratings high. So if you are getting to the upper sales level, especially a medium or high volume seller, then here are recommendations for automating your online auction that will improve your results, save you time and money:

  1. Jazva – the best cloud-based multi-channel ecommerce platform that helps merchants to improve their online business. It is the back-end systems that bind everything together and without which an effective multichannel business can not happen. The company’s products are used for inventory management, order fulfillment, vendor management, financial management, marketing and CRM, business intelligence and reporting, and Web stores.
  2. Turbo Lister – creates and uploads your listings in bulk. Provides editing functions and it is free to all members. Can be used by any seller having multiple items and wants to list them easier and more quickly.
  3. Selling Manager – targeted for the medium to high volume sellers. Manages sales and post sales process. Furnishes feedback and email templates. Also, leaves feedback for multiple buyers at one time. It is free to all members
  4. Selling Manager Pro – targeted for the large volume seller. This is a complete online sales management tool. It is a combination of Turbo Lister and Selling Manager. Also features inventory management, automatic feedback with buyer payment and restock alerts. Automatically emails buyers when payment has been received, and the merchandise has been shipped. Schedules and produces listings in bulk. There is a monthly fee, or it is waived for Premium and Anchored Store subscribers.
  5. Third-Party Apps – This is third party software applications, verified by eBay, to aid sellers with their business operation. They apply for operations from sourcing the products to shipping of the products. eBay has a detailed list on their website in the Apps Center for all approved third party software. There is a monthly fee for these applications with a free trial period offered for use. The following are illustrations of some of the more popular software apps used and what they provide:
  • Terapeak – provides information for the current value of your sale items in the marketplace. You can uncover the current hot products and what to sell as well as the likelihood of the product being sold based on success rate. Provides information about what shoppers are searching for and when the shopper will be buying to rise bid rates and the value of your auction listings.
  • Ship Saver – allows for huge discounts for USPS and UPS. Can add insurance for bulk mailings and any claims for damages are done online.
  • eBay Auction – Money Makers.

You have to commit your time to make money on an eBay auction. It can be quite rewarding when running like a real business. Avoid over automating when you begin in eBay. Over automation can end up being wasteful. If you are making a one-time sale or as a hobby then automation should not be necessary. However, when you feel that your business needs to get automated don’t hesitate to fill out the forms provided by eBay that will steer you as to what software best meets your company needs at your current level of activity. Use Jazva’s listing automation for eBay. But take action because you don’t want to stand in the way of your success.